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I believe that of all countries and places I have visited or never will, none of them can be compared to the vast regions of my imagination, in both space and time. I have been travelling in the past and the future, I have learnt the practices of a sailing ship and listened to the undistinguished chatters of aristocratic sitting rooms, I have mastered the art of many wandering minstrels while waiting for a pagan hero fighting his wars, I have seen the Nordic forest and enjoyed the Mediterranean sun… all this while I was reading a book…actually, more than one!

Reading is a path to freedom, the freedom of exploring yourself and the world in a reflective manner, the freedom to take your own time and play with it at your own terms, the freedom to stop and think, think about everything and nothing. Just read, think, repeat and… grow. Developing your understanding, softening your prejudices, opening your mind to new ideas, discovering different cultures: these are some of the many gifts given by reading, privileges that readers enjoy many times, with good reasons. A good book can change your life or just one idea; but even this can be considered a great accomplishment from a thing that doesn’t speak itself, but finds its voice through you and… yes, it is only a book.

This is the impression that any good piece of writing should leave on its readers; by “good”, I don’t mean “morally acceptable” or just “well written”, but something that has touched our souls at the deepest level, leaving a lasting track in the constant, tireless and incessant development of our individuality. Any reader has its path to follow and a book can be a valid companion during the journey. I have read tons of books myself and I always have felt that, for one reason or another, each of them had come to me at the right time, as a friend or a lover, leaving me to continue on my journey once their mission was completed.

If it wasn’t clear, I love reading and this blog stands as a demonstration of it. I will dedicate my posts to my readings, sharing both my impressions and ideas, publishing authors’ poetry and prose texts…finding in this virtual space a way to freely communicate my passion for literature but also sharing valuable information with you, the reader, that will make this blog even more important to me with your presence.

Let’s start reading, let’s start writing, let’s the adventure begin!


Atena Longo


Painting: Vincent Van Gogh “The Yellow Books”

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